Don't Let a Ding Get You Down

We offer paintless dent removal for a fair price

If you've got a dent or ding in your car, don't worry one bit. Distinctive Auto Body will use special tools to remove the dent seamlessly.

You might have a dent in your car from:

  • Accidentally tapping another vehicle
  • A rock that hit your vehicle on the highway
  • A door that smacked your car in a parking lot
No matter how large or small your dent is, we have a paintless dent removal solution for you. Call Distinctive Auto Body at 508-636-2059 today to schedule an appointment.

Why should you invest in paintless dent repair?

Why should you invest in paintless dent repair?

Reach out to Distinctive Auto Body for paintless dent repair services if:

  • Your dent makes it impossible to open your trunk
  • Your dent interferes with opening car doors
  • You're going to sell your car
Choose Distinctive Auto Body to take any ding or dent out of your car, truck or SUV. Call now to schedule an appointment.